Why Can’t I Fall Asleep Even though I Am Tired?

Have you had a long, exhausting day but can’t fall asleep? You twist and turn, but it seems like sandman has forgotten about putting you to sleep. Thus, you end up thinking you are tired but can’t sleep. But did you know being tired and being sleepy are slightly different?

Being sleepy is when you cannot stay awake, and keeping your eyes open seems like a difficult task. If you are exhausted or fatigued, it means you have a lack of energy due to physical activity, illness, etc.

This article will discuss the possible reasons you find yourself unable to sleep even when tired.

Why Am I Tired but Can’t Sleep?

If you feel tired but have trouble falling asleep, it can be due to many reasons. These include:

1. Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome
Did you know our body has an internal timekeeper? It is called circadian rhythm, and it keeps track of whatever our bodies do in 24 hours. Dark, light, and our biological clock are the tools that it uses to manage our body’s temperature, hormones, metabolism, and, most importantly, sleep. The suprachiasmatic nucleus is our body’s master clock, and it controls melatonin production. Melatonin is a hormone that aids in managing sleep.

Our melatonin levels remain low during the day and grow as it gets dark. Two hours after melatonin rise, we fall asleep. Thus, if you take 2 hours or more to fall asleep than what is considered normal, you might have delayed sleep phase syndrome. Hence, your circadian rhythm might be off if you are tired but can’t sleep. As a result, you wake up later than usual. Therefore, if your issue is ‘I want to sleep but my body won’t let me,’ this might be why.

2. Caffeine
Do you lay in bed for hours but can’t fall asleep? Sleep disorders are not always why you are tired but can’t sleep. Your addiction to coffee can also disturb your slumber. Caffeine before bed can impact your sleep, and you might have trouble dozing off. Thus, limiting coffee consumption a few hours before bed can help you fall asleep quickly.

3. Napping
Napping at the wrong time can ruin your nighttime sleep. Taking long naps in the afternoon can result in poor sleep and trouble waking up in the morning. But napping is beneficial, so try to take 20-30 minutes long naps at the same time every day. Thus, for all those wondering, “Why can’t I sleep at night but can during the day?” the answer is the wrong napping strategy.

4. Anxiety
Anxiety can cause you to lose sleep. Your mind will be buzzing, so you might be tired but can’t sleep due to anxiety. Moreover, it increases arousal and alertness, delaying sleep even more.

5. Other Sleep Disorders
Besides delayed sleep phase syndrome, a few more sleep disorders can make you tired but not sleepy— for instance, sleep apnea and restless leg syndrome.

The Closing Word

When you are tired but can’t sleep, it may be due to several reasons. Sleep disorders, caffeine, wrong napping strategy, anxiety, and other reasons can result in this condition. If you have trouble falling asleep or any other sleep-related concerns, our specialists at Nirvana Elite Sleep & Wellness can help. Just dial 832-952-1199 or visit our website for an appointment.



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