Sleep Deprivation And Its Causes

If you don’t get proper sleep during the night, you instantly know that you are going to be sleepy and groggy the next day. Having to not get proper, healthy hours of sleep is known as sleep deprivation. The reason behind getting less or no sleep might vary from being physical, emotional or mental. Some causes of sleep deprivation include:

  • Clinically diagnosed Insomnia or Parasomnia
  • Restless leg syndrome
  • Cognitive disorder – Alzheimer and Parkinson
  • Low quality sleep due to sleep apnea
  • High levels of stress and anxiety
  • Night time work shifts
  • Sleeping in unfamiliar places
  • Using stimulants such as caffeine near bed-time

While the reasons can be unending, sleep deprivation has physical and mental health implications. Picture this, you have an important conference to attend and the night before you slept at 4 a.m due to stress and restlessness. How will you wake up the next day? Groggy, lazy, irritating, and sleepy are some adjectives that can fully explain one’s mood after disturbed or no sleep.

Health Consequences Of Sleep Deprivation

Let us now list down what are few of the many health consequences that an individual is put at risk as a result of sleep deprivation.

Lack of Concentration

Sleep deprivation is highly linked to cognitive delays such as lack of concentration and attentiveness. It may lead to slower learning and delayed motor activity, reducing the likelihood of prompt actions, while increasing the risks of accidents. Hormonal imbalances due to lack of sleep can cause mood swings and irritability in general.

Obesity and Digestive Issue

Lack of sleep brings with it a conundrum of problems where one leads to the other. Increased wakefulness can lead to more snacking during night time, later contributing to weight gain.
Sleep deprivation drastically causes energy levels to go down, making it difficult to exercise. In the long run, less physical activity and irregular appetite patterns can imply poor weight management leading to increased weight and obesity.

Cardiovascular function

People who have sleep issues or do not get complete sleep hours due to unhealthy habits are at a higher risk of developing issues concerning heart health.
Some common issues include increased risk of hypertension, heart stroke, high body sugar levels due to poor insulin regulation, and chronic inflammation. Sleep deprivation can cause unfavorable changes in heart rate and cholesterol levels.

Sexual Health

Inadequate sleep can also greatly affect sexual health, as it significantly reduces libido levels in our body. This can take a toll on the overall wellbeing of individuals and their duties towards relationships.


Sleep deprivation can alter physical and mental health. Not only does it affect heart health but creates unhealthy deviations in emotional, mental and sexual well being of individuals.
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