Lack Of Sleep & Headaches — What’s the Connection?

Did you know you can get a headache from a lack of sleep? Yes, sleep deprivation can lead to many unpleasant symptoms, like fatigue, irritability, lack of energy, and more. Even though multiple factors can result in a headache, it is also connected to a lack of sleep. Hence, sleep deprivation triggers headaches in many individuals. So if you’re wondering, ‘Can lack of sleep cause headaches?’, there’s a connection between the two. Carry on reading to learn how headache is linked with insufficient sleep.

Sleep Deprivation Headaches

When you don’t get enough sleep, it could result in many symptoms. This is because you need a specific amount of sleep to function physically and cognitively. Thus, not sleeping 7 to 9 hours for a long period could give way to issues like daytime drowsiness, slow reaction time, cognitive impairment, and more.

Usually, not sleeping enough causes a dull ache or pressure from the front of your head. Moreover, you’ll feel pain across the forehead. You might be able to describe these headaches as tightness or heaviness. If your headache is due to lack of sleep, you’ll experience other symptoms too. So, keep an eye out for the following sleep deprivation symptoms:

  • Lack of energy
  • Impaired memory
  • Inability to focus
  • Slowed reaction times
  • Irritability
  • Anxiety

The Link Between Lack of Sleep & Headaches

You might be wondering how lack of sleep can cause headaches. A study found that an individual will experience more painful headaches due to a lack of REM (rapid eye movement) sleep. REM is the phase of sleep that happens 9- to 120 minutes into sleep. It occurs in intervals throughout the night, with rapid eye movements, owing to the name. In this phase, you will have an increased heart rate, faster breathing, body movements, and more dreaming.

Evidence shows that insufficient sleep reduces the body’s pain threshold. Consequently, you’ll experience headaches. Lack of sleep can cause migraines, tension headaches, cluster headaches, and hypnic headaches.

What Helps Headaches From Lack Of Sleep?

The treatment for sleep deprivation headaches will depend on the kind you’re suffering from.

If you have migraines, you will need a special type of treatment. This is because migraines are painful and require aggressive action. Therefore, your healthcare provider might recommend medications to treat the headache. Other than this, you can use some at-home remedies along with a prescription to reduce migraine symptoms.

For tension headaches, too, medications are recommended for treatment. You can also try home remedies to eliminate tension headaches. Whatever kind of headache you have, your healthcare provider will have adequate treatment.

Preventing Sleep Deprivation Headaches

You can prevent sleep deprivation headaches by following these tips:

  • Following a consistent sleep schedule to sleep and wake up at the same time each day
  • Sleeping in an ideal environment, in a quiet bedroom with the lights off and a comfortable temperature
  • Exercising during the day, but not close to the bedtime
  • Not consuming caffeine, alcohol, and heavy or high-fat meals late in the day
  • Refraining from using electronics and blue light exposure close to your bedtime
  • Increasing light exposure, artificial and natural, during the day
  • Stick to a healthy bedtime routine and sleep hygiene

The Takeaway

If you have a headache from a lack of sleep, your healthcare provider can give you the solution. Therefore, you can talk to an expert, like the skilled staff at Nirvana Elite Sleep & Wellness, for treatment. Visit our clinic at 303 Longmire Rd Suite # 102, Conroe, TX 77304, United States for your sleep and headache-related issues. Moreover, you can dial (832) 952-1199 to schedule an appointment with us.



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