I Have A Body Ache When I Wake Up — What Causes It?

Waking up in the morning to get out of our cozy, comfortable bed is hard enough, but even more so when our body aches. Starting the day with an aching body is not something we look forward to. Hence, we will give you the answers if you’re wondering, ‘Why does my body ache when I wake up?’. Keep reading to know the potential reasons why your body hurts after sleeping.

Reasons Why You Have a Body Ache When You Wake Up

Some factors that may be why you’re waking up with body aches include:

1. Poor Quality Mattress

A sound sleep is a necessary requirement for a healthy body. The mattress you sleep on might be the culprit of your morning body aches. Ideally, your mattress should firmly support your body weight and make you feel comfortable. Simply put, a good-quality mattress will align your head, shoulders, hips, and heels. Moreover, a mattress so soft that your hips just sink into it can make your body ache when you wake up.

2. Pillow

A pillow supports your head while you sleep, which is why you should use it the proper way. The primary purpose of using a pillow is to ensure that your spine retains a natural curve when you’re sleeping. Additionally, the distance between your ear and the outside of your shoulder determines the thickness of your pillow. This will help give adequate support to your head.
The softness of your pillow depends on your preference, but make sure that it retains the correct height.

3. Sleeping Position

Sleeping on your back is among the best ways to sleep, as it puts your head, neck, and spine in neutral positions. However, it can result in lower back pain. Other than this, sleeping on the stomach can also cause back and neck pain. Thus, it is better if you resort to sleeping on your side.

4. Health Conditions

Inflammation due to an underlying medical condition can cause body aches when you wake up. These include thyroid disease, arthritis, Lyme disease, and chronic fatigue syndrome. Furthermore, vitamin D deficiency can also be a possible cause. Therefore, visit your sleep specialist if you keep waking up with an aching body.

5. Exercise

Exercising too much or too little can result in a body ache when you wake up.

Not exercising enough devoids your body from the increased blood flow it needs. Increasing blood flow to the muscles and tissue can also help relieve inflammation. Moreover, it can lubricate the joints with synovial fluid. In conclusion, a lack of exercise can be why you have body aches in the morning.

Exercising too much can also make your muscles sore when you wake up. Excessive physical activity can increase cortisol and give you poor sleep quality. Not only this but exercising too much might cause insomnia as well.

What to do Next?

There are many reasons you have a body ache when you wake up. Therefore, you should visit reputable sleep specialists like our Nirvana Elite Sleep & Wellness team. Dial 832-952-1199 to schedule an appointment.



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