How to Create a Sleep Friendly Environment?

If you suffer from sleepless nights that result in exhausted days, there are several ways to regulate your sleep quality and pattern.

Good sleep environment can have a great impact on the quality of your sleep. What does a good sleep environment look like? This blog will discuss a few everyday things you can do or incorporate in your room to aid a more relaxing and soothing ambiance.

Ideally, we are looking for the right temperature, bedding set, soothing aromas and so many things that come together to make the perfect sleep conducive environment.

Right Room Temperature:

To create a more relaxing ambiance, you want your room to be at the right temperature. Depending on your personal preference, set the thermostat accordingly.

Make sure your room is Dark:

It goes to say without a surprise; darkness helps your brain to relax and releases hormones that regulate sleep. Make sure your room is fully dark when you go to bed. Use blackout curtains to block external light.

If you have a dark phobia, buy a small night time, warm tone bulb so it does not majorly affect your sleep and also helps you sleep peacefully.

Reduced Noise:

For a long, uninterrupted sleep, it is important to have no background noises that might disturb or disrupt your sleep quality. Close doors and windows to minimize outside noise.

Comfortable Mattress and Washed Bedding:

We all have been into situations where we have said ‘I can only sleep on my place’ at least once. This is because of the familiarity we have with our space that becomes our little haven.

Who does not love to crawl to a bed that’s well made and fresh after a long day at work? A comfortable mattress and washed or freshly linen sprayed beddings can add freshness to the room, inviting you for a more peaceful sleep environment. Invest in good quality sheets and fleece material blankets for a cozy downtime.

Declutter your room:

A clean, organized room has a visual and mental appeal to it as opposed to messy rooms. Often time’s messier rooms can cause distraction resulting in restlessness.
Remove all the mess that you have been putting off for a while now, for a peaceful and relaxed bedtime.

Use soothing aromas:

Smells like lavender, jasmine and rosemary can help you relax. Your room is your own sanctuary and you might want to buy things that make you feel at peace. Gift yourself a lavish smelling scented candle or an air diffuser so you can sleep to a scent that’s soothing and relaxing.

Limit Electronic Use:

Try to occupy yourself with reading a book or doing a crossword puzzle or anything that does not require the use of electronics/screens before sleeping.


If you suffer from sleep problems after doing the required, contact our team at Nirvana Elite Sleep and Wellness on (832) 952-1199



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