Food and Sleep Quality? How Are They Related

Have you ever felt so full that you can’t sleep? Overeating has kept tossing and turning all night? Are you tired of finding your sleep position due to no sleep? Or your dinner is causing extreme acidity or discomfort? You might want to reconsider your eating habits and adjust meal times accordingly.

This blog will uncover the relation between food and sleep quality. It will answer some of the common questions related to how food choices, proportions and timings can affect your sleep quality at night.

List of Foods for Better Sleep

Here is a list of foods you can incorporate in your daily routine for a better sleep

Complex Carbohydrates:

Foods like oatmeal, brown bread, brown rice and other sources of complex carbohydrates should be taken to promote and improve sleep quality. Complex carbohydrates have a glycemic index which is helpful for a good night’s sleep.

Avoid simple carbohydrates such as cookies, pasta and bread cause they tend to reduce serotonin levels which may affect your sleep schedule and quality.

Lean Protein:

Foods that are rich in protein such as fish, turkey, chicken, and low fat cheese can increase serotonin levels, resulting in quality sleep.

These should be cooked or fried with low fat oil in order to avoid heaviness and other medical health complications. In that case, low fat cheese and dairy products should be taken as opposed to high fat food.

Heart Healthy Fats:

As mentioned earlier, high fat oil and other sources of saturated fats such as french fries are not only harmful for your body and heart health, it can also adversely affect sleep quality.

It is advisable to make healthier choices in terms of unsaturated fats like olive oil, peanut butter etc. They not only improve and sustain heart health but increase serotonin levels which improve sleep quality.


Beverages like a hot cup of milk or any herbal tea like peppermint and chamomile can be a cozy and comforting hug before bedtime. Slip in your comforter with a glass of a warm beverage with your book and invite yourself a sound sleep.

Magnesium Rich Foods:

Magnesium tends to improve the quality of sleep. Foods that have high content of magnesium include avocado, nuts, legumes, spinach, dark chocolate etc.

Things To Avoid

If you are facing difficulties in falling asleep. Here is a list of things you can avoid before bedtime.

  • Caffeinated foods and drinks
  • Spicy food to avoid acid reflux
  • Sugary foods with high glycemic index
  • High fat foods
  • Fast food and processed foods
  • Alcohol
  • Avoid eating food right before bedtime. A 2 hour gap between dinner and sleep time is recommended.
  • Avoid overeating

Fix Your Food Fiasco

Fixing your choices and adjusting your eating habits can play an important role in improving sleep quality.
If you still experience sleep related issues, contact our team at Nirvana Elite Sleep and Wellness or book a consultation on (832) 952-1199.



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