1. Why Choose Nirvana Elite Sleep & Wellness?
If you’re looking for a different approach to traditional healthcare interactions than you’ve come to the right place! We are not your regular primary care physician’s office and do not offer any primary care services as we work a different more traditional approach. We at NES&W specialize in offering holistic medical solutions to sleep and overall wellness by providing clients with a tailored solution and personalized approach that fits his/her unique needs. Our clinic is an alternative and evidence-based practice offering healthcare innovations through products and services aimed at bridging the gap between areas of care. The constant loss of sleep can lead to a plethora of negative health outcomes including sleep deprivation, high blood pressure, stroke, heart attack and other debilitating diseases. Fixing your sleep problem may not be an easy task. However, at NES&W we will meet that challenge with you by showing empathy and compassion first and foremost. Helping you to obtain your goal of restful and restorative sleep is essential to us. A good night’s rest helps shape our health as we age and aids proper growth and development. Don’t sleep on it! Come see us for your sleep concerns, we can help.

2. What Are The Different Types Of Sleep Specialities

Board certified sleep medicine doctor

The medical community has recognized the importance of sleep to overall health and well-being. To gain board certification, a doctor must go through training in all areas related to sleep medicine and sleep disorders as well as pass a sleep medicine exam. These specialists use their knowledge to discuss with patients if they are at risk for these issues and determine if diagnostic testing is necessary.

Behavioral sleep specialist

The sleep specialist is a trained professional who can evaluate and treat issues related to breathing, mental state, or neurological function. They do not necessarily have board certification.

*Behavioral Sleep Medicine is an expanding area of sleep psychology that focuses on the evaluation and treatment of sleep disorders by addressing behavioral, psychological, and physiological factors that interfere with sleep.
Behavioral sleep specialists utilize evidence-based therapies that often combine behavioral approaches with cognitive techniques. Sometimes device-based treatments such as bright light boxes are utilized in behavioral sleep medicine treatments. Most approaches in Behavioral Sleep Medicine do not involve medications, but some interventions may be used in conjunction with medications or to help patients better tolerate medical therapies such as continuous positive airway pressure therapies for sleep apnea.
Many Behavioral Sleep Medicine interventions are based on cognitive-behavioral therapies (CBT). CBT is supported by scientific data and has a successful track record for treating a variety of sleep disorders. The behavioral aspect of CBT for sleep disorders focuses on eliminating habits, behaviors and environmental disruptions that stand in the way of quality rest. The focus is on systematically introducing behavioral changes that have been proven to improve sleep. This could include changes in sleep schedule and changes in the contingencies and reinforcers that promote sleep. The cognitive approach focuses on looking internally to examine, manage, or modify sleep interfering thoughts and beliefs that interfere with sleep. Most CBT therapies for sleep disorders are brief, involving an evaluation and a limited number of treatment visits.
*Society of Behavioral Sleep Medicine

Registered polysomnographic technologist (RPSGT)

*In the sleep medicine field, the RPSGT credential is the mark of a highly skilled allied health care professional who has met the high standards of the Board of Registered Polysomnographic Technologists, an internationally recognized credentialing body. By excelling in their field, RPSGTs are indispensable to the diagnosis, treatment and after care of many sleep disorders. A registered sleep technologist truly helps patients live better, healthier lives. The professionalism that comes from being knowledgeable in the sleep medicine field helps increase visibility and credibility for this important and growing medical discipline. When a sleep study is advised, patients should educate themselves about the process and be proactive in requesting that their polysomnogram (sleep study) be conducted by or under the direction of an RPSGT. *Board of Registered Technologist

Integrative Medicine

Integrative medicine is the combination of traditional treatments and alternative therapies to treat the body with a holistic approach. Integrative medicine does not focus on just one physical health problem a patient has – it works to correct the mind, body, and spirit so the entire body heals. This broad approach to healing the entire person rather than just a single condition aims to make patients healthier and happier overall.
Integrative medicine addresses different aspects of a patient’s life such as physical, mental, social, emotional, and environmental influences that work together. When there are issues in one or more of these areas, health problems begin to happen. By approaching a person’s health problems through this lens, integrative medicine heals the whole body rather than just symptoms associated with a single health problem.
Examples of integrative medicine include detoxification therapies, medication reduction therapy, nutritional therapy (supplements, herbal medicines, naturopathic medicines), and regenerative medicine. These treatments work together with some traditional treatments to effectively treat a patient in a faster, more effective way.

FUNCTIONAL NUTRITION According to the Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM), which is considered the gold standard of training in the field, “the functional medicine model is an individualized, patient-centered, science-based approach that empowers patients and practitioners to work together to address the underlying causes of disease and promote optimal wellness.”

Integrative and Functional Medicine Adult Sleep Coaches/Counselors

Help individuals make positive changes to their habits and lifestyles so they can achieve better sleeping by educating and motivating them. We work with an individual through the Integrative and functional lens to achieve the best rest possible. We also aim for success through emotional and behavioral adjustments, encouraging our client’s natural growth in self-awareness along the way.

3. What If I Believe I Only Suffer From Insomnia, Snoring Or Restless Legs What Are The Steps And Process To My Diagnosis?

1. We will need 30 minutes of your time for an assessment of medical and behavioral sleep challenges. This assessment includes a questionnaire that will help us identify what might be causing your sleep difficulties

2. We will do a 90-minute full sleep consultation in which we will review the results of your assessment and provide a customized treatment plan designed to help you get better sleep! This treatment will address the various concerns and challenges that are affecting your sleep. These challenges may include sleep habits, nutrition/diet, physical activity, stress management, work/life balance, and sleep environment.
At the conclusion of this consultation, we will review your questionnaire and highlight recommendations for improving sleep challenges. This appointment includes a 1-page plan and one follow up call with unlimited email support over two weeks to help you get back on track!

4. Why Start With Us And Not Go Directly To Another Doctor/Specialist?
We offer 30-minute consultations in order to allow time for a thorough evaluation of your sleep needs and any challenges before deciding if behavioral modifications can help, or whether you need medical attention in order to get the best night’s rest possible. We can help you understand the treatment and risks involved and offer education about all your holistic and medical treatment options.
5. Payment Options
Consulting with a medical professional can be costly and involve headaches. For example, some insurance companies require that you have certain symptoms before they’ll cover your testing or treatment, and high deductibles may also come into play under certain insurance plans! Although we do not accept Medicare/Medicaid or private insurances, we believe our excellent concierge service and sleep experts here at NES&W would make this a superb investment in your care. Our payment options are; FSA/HSA, Debit/Credit cards, E-Check and PayPal. Bundled treatment pay plans are also available.
6. How Soon Will I See Results?

The length of time it takes to improve the quality of sleep varies between individuals depending on the severity of their sleep issues. In some cases, you might even be able to see improvement after one night. Fostering healthy relationships with sleep takes time, but the process is worth it! You’ll need an established sleep hygiene routine as well as a comfortable environment to begin reshaping your sleep habits.
Your dedication and consistency will be the determining factor for your success! If medical testing needs to be done, then there’s a consultation with sleep medicine doctors who will do a two-part study in order to diagnose the problem. Moreover, treatment for a sleep disorder may take up to 2 – 3 months to complete. If you discover that you have a medical sleep condition, using an oral appliance or CPAP machine may help improve your quality of rest within the first 3-7 days of use.

7. What Age Range Do You Evaluate and Treat?

Age ranges seen in our clinic are adolescents ages 14 to adults of any age. However we’re only seeing adolescents participating in our Athletic Sleep and Recovery Program for teen athletes. Call our office for details. (832) 952-1199.

8. If I Know I Have A Sleep Disorder, And Have Been Tested In The Past But Failed To Comply With Treatment, Can You Help Me?
Yes! Our specialists are here to help anyone who is struggling to get back on track to regular, healthy, and restful sleep patterns. Factors such as a change in weight, medication, or medical conditions can affect sleep disorders. This is why it is wise to be re-tested with us if you haven’t been tested in the last 2 years and if so, you must submit your test results and ordered treatment plan. Our initial evaluation focuses on listening to your goals and challenges as well as assessing any medical conditions that may affect your health to find a safe and effective treatment plan that works for you. There are holistic and alternative treatment options as well that are only used on an individual basis according to the person’s needs.
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