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Home Sleep Testing

We offer a Disposable Home Sleep Test that uses sophisticated sensors to provide a comprehensive sleep test report without leaving the comfort of your own bedroom. This option can be included in your treatment plan that’s simple and easy.

How Does A Home Sleep Study Work?

When you visit our clinic for an initial consultation, we will give you a device with complete setup instructions that you will take back home with you. A smart guide is included with the device to help you understand how to place the sensors. Putting on an at-home sleep study device is as easy as putting on a seatbelt.

Why Do I Need A Sleep Study?

Having detailed insights into what happens to your body while you are asleep can help our experts better understand the problem you are experiencing. The home sleep study tracks several factors of your body, such as oxygen saturation, respiratory movement, air pressure, body sleeping position, and pulse rate.

Home Sleep Testing
CPAP Management

CPAP Management

A service offered included in one of our treatment options plans for those previously and newly diagnosed with Obstructive or Central Sleep Apnea and is using CPAP therapy for treatment.

How does CPAP work?

CPAP blows air into your nose to make sure the airway remains open, and there are no breathing pauses which makes you awake frequently during sleep. You will have to wear a mask during sleep that covers your nose. The mask is connected to a device that creates airflow.

What is CPAP management?

CPAP management is necessary to ensure you get full benefits from the treatment. When you receive the CPAP device for the first time, Holistic Practioner Brown will make sure it fits you correctly and the pressure is set at the right level.

Some individuals feel reluctant to wear the mask but wearing it daily is important to treat sleep apnea.

Some patients complain of sore eyes, stuffy or dry nose, or skin rashes due to CPAP treatment. Skin irritation or sore eyes can occur due to air leakage from the sides of the mask. Adjustments to fitting or changing mask size should end the issue. For a stuffy or dry nose, nasal sprays can solve the problems.

For more help with CPAP management, call Nirvana Elite Sleep & Wellness today.

Mobile Sleep and EEG Testing

As a part of our elite services, we offer these special convenient diagnostic tests that can be performed in the convenience of your home that’s a familiar setting, as well as in our in-house center. Also included in our VI.P. treatment package is a mobile sleep test in a luxury hotel of your choice for your overnight sleep test.

What happens during an EEG?

An EEG is a safe and painless procedure that involves attaching electrodes to your head and scalp. An electroencephalogram (EEG) measures your brain’s electrical activities and provides necessary information about the health of your brain to your neurologist. These electrodes detect your brain’s electrical activity and transfer the information to the attached equipment. The test usually takes 30 minutes to an hour. The patient rests comfortably on a chair or bed.

If you are worried about sleep disorders or seizures and you may feel you need an EEG, speak to your Neurologist or if you need a referral, call us or make an appointment online today.

Mobile Sleep and EEG Testing
Holistic and other Services

Holistic and other Services

We collaborate with Yoga instructors who offer meditation, or sessions could be held in our center if preferred. We make recommendations for supplements for our clients who request them., Our center has a caring approach to treating anxiety, stress, insomnia, and PTSD using Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy. Functional nutrition treatment plans are offered to select clients.

A few approaches to address sleeping disorders that we recommend and help our patients practice include:

  • Changing sleep schedule
  • Making alterations to lifestyle
  • Trying Positional Therapy
  • Learning new de-stressing methods

We are a reliable referral source for yoga instructors and weight management centers.

At Nirvana Elite Sleep & Wellness, we can help you find relief from your sleep disorder. Besides addressing many common sleep disorders, we also provide treatment for several underlying issues. Call 832-952-1199 to learn more about sleeping disorder therapy.

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At Nirvana Elite Sleep & Wellness, we work tirelessly to cure chronic headaches and migraines. We offer several treatment options that are safe and non-invasive to help you find relief from chronic headaches. We work together with you to form an individualized treatment plan for the best results in the shortest possible time.

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