Sleep Paralysis

What is Sleep Paralysis – Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment

Oct 30, 2023266 Views

Sleep paralysis is a naturally occurring sleep condition that causes the body to stiffen right after sleeping or waking up. This brief episode of muscle control is known as atonia. Sleep paralysis is considered to be a parasomnia that involves abnormal behaviors during sleep. It is a temporary condition that lasts for minutes or seconds […]

How to Stop Sleep Paralysis in The Moment?

Jul 30, 2023293 Views

Have you ever woken up from deep sleep only to find yourself lying stiff on the bed, unable to move your body? It can feel like you’re paralyzed in place, with an odd, heavy pressure lingering on your chest. If you have witnessed something like that, don’t worry, it’s simply a case of sleep paralysis. […]

Let’s Talk About if You Can Die From Sleep Paralysis

Jan 15, 2023114 Views

Imagine waking up — only to find that your body is completely frozen. You are unable to move, speak, or go back to sleep. In the moment of feeling like you have lost control, you might wonder: can you die from sleep paralysis? No matter how terrifying this experience is, it’s not as threatening as […]



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