Dealing with Jetlag and Change of Time Zone

Oct 15, 2023377 Views

Jet Lag refers to feelings of fatigue and tiredness caused by travelling. In flights of longer durations, people tend to experience more fatigue as compared to smaller durational flights. This may also be caused by the change in time zones due to travelling across countries. Another name for jet lag is ‘time zone change syndrome. […]

Food and Sleep Quality? How Are They Related

Sep 30, 2023296 Views

Have you ever felt so full that you can’t sleep? Overeating has kept tossing and turning all night? Are you tired of finding your sleep position due to no sleep? Or your dinner is causing extreme acidity or discomfort? You might want to reconsider your eating habits and adjust meal times accordingly. This blog will […]

How to Create a Sleep Friendly Environment?

Sep 15, 2023181 Views

If you suffer from sleepless nights that result in exhausted days, there are several ways to regulate your sleep quality and pattern. Good sleep environment can have a great impact on the quality of your sleep. What does a good sleep environment look like? This blog will discuss a few everyday things you can do […]

Why is Night-Time Sleep Better Than Day-Time Sleep?

Aug 30, 20233782 Views

Sleeping 8 hours is optimal and essential for your body and mind to function properly. It is entirely an individual preference to sleep in the night or make up for missed sleep in the day. This can be out of choice or in some cases like night time shifts or sleep disorders like sleep apnea […]

Can A CPAP Machine Stop You From Snoring?

Aug 15, 2023174 Views

People don’t usually think twice about snoring, brushing it off as a congested nose or a nighttime habit. But believe it or not, most people who snore have an underlying condition at the base of it, affecting their health. Usually, snoring is taken to be a sign of sleep apnea — a serious sleep disorder. […]

How to Stop Sleep Paralysis in The Moment?

Jul 30, 2023306 Views

Have you ever woken up from deep sleep only to find yourself lying stiff on the bed, unable to move your body? It can feel like you’re paralyzed in place, with an odd, heavy pressure lingering on your chest. If you have witnessed something like that, don’t worry, it’s simply a case of sleep paralysis. […]



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