Can A CPAP Machine Stop You From Snoring?

Aug 15, 202399 Views

People don’t usually think twice about snoring, brushing it off as a congested nose or a nighttime habit. But believe it or not, most people who snore have an underlying condition at the base of it, affecting their health. Usually, snoring is taken to be a sign of sleep apnea — a serious sleep disorder. […]

How to Stop Sleep Paralysis in The Moment?

Jul 30, 2023209 Views

Have you ever woken up from deep sleep only to find yourself lying stiff on the bed, unable to move your body? It can feel like you’re paralyzed in place, with an odd, heavy pressure lingering on your chest. If you have witnessed something like that, don’t worry, it’s simply a case of sleep paralysis. […]

The Nighttime Owl: Why Do I Get Insomnia Before Every Period?

Jul 15, 2023247 Views

As a woman, when that time of the month strikes, a lot of things in your life can go awry. Be it the debilitating pain of menstrual cramps or the everchanging mood swings, nothing is the way it seems. Add to it the inability to sleep, and you’ve got yourself a situation that is not […]

Falling Asleep at the Wheel: Can Narcolepsy Be Developed Out of Thin Air?

Jun 30, 2023303 Views

Have you ever been so sleepy that you fell asleep while doing something? Maybe you were working, cooking, or riding a bus, only to find yourself drifting off to sleep. This isn’t an uncommon phenomenon, especially if you tire yourself out too much. However, if you keep falling asleep in the daytime without being able […]

Is It Possible To Have Sleep Apnea Without Snoring?

Jun 15, 2023395 Views

You’ve probably heard people talk about how important it is to sleep 8 hours every night. But if you’re someone who snores or has sleep apnea, you know the struggles of sleeping soundly. Oftentimes, sleep apnea is associated with snoring since it affects your airways. However, that isn’t the best way to categorize the condition, […]



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