5 Reasons Why You May Be Snoring All of a Sudden

Jan 15, 2024200 Views

Have you started snoring recently? It can happen seemingly out of the blue – one night, you start making the unexpected noise everyone dreads: snoring. Your first thought might be, why am I snoring all of a sudden? There are various reasons that can lead to snoring, such as your sleeping position, obesity, health conditions, […]

11 Reasons Why People Talk in Their Sleep

Dec 30, 202387 Views

Does your spouse, friend, kid, or someone you know talk in their sleep? It is not uncommon for people to talk and even have full-on conversations in their sleep. As hilarious as it seems, sleep talking is not just a comic relief for movies; it is an actual condition that people suffer from, called somniloquy. […]

When Does Pregnancy Insomnia Start?

Dec 15, 202380 Views

The journey of pregnancy is punctuated by anticipation and wonder, and for many expectant mothers, it also comes with sleep disturbances. Pregnancy insomnia is a common yet often underestimated challenge, which can cast a shadow on this otherwise magical time. The combination of physical discomfort, hormonal changes, and a flood of thoughts about the impending […]

Sleep Deprivation And Its Causes

Nov 30, 2023106 Views

If you don’t get proper sleep during the night, you instantly know that you are going to be sleepy and groggy the next day. Having to not get proper, healthy hours of sleep is known as sleep deprivation. The reason behind getting less or no sleep might vary from being physical, emotional or mental. Some […]

All About Lucid Dreaming

Nov 15, 202383 Views

What is lucid dreaming? Is it about being awake in sleep? Or is it a brief state awareness while dreaming? Is it about gaining control during sleep or losing control? What constitutes a dream to be lucid? Can it happen through regular, everyday practice or does it come naturally? This blog delves deeper into the […]

What is Sleep Paralysis – Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment

Oct 30, 2023211 Views

Sleep paralysis is a naturally occurring sleep condition that causes the body to stiffen right after sleeping or waking up. This brief episode of muscle control is known as atonia. Sleep paralysis is considered to be a parasomnia that involves abnormal behaviors during sleep. It is a temporary condition that lasts for minutes or seconds […]



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