Can A CPAP Machine Stop You From Snoring?

People don’t usually think twice about snoring, brushing it off as a congested nose or a nighttime habit. But believe it or not, most people who snore have an underlying condition at the base of it, affecting their health.

Usually, snoring is taken to be a sign of sleep apnea — a serious sleep disorder. However, most specialists recommend getting a CPAP machine to stop snoring since it provides oxygen to the blocked airways. The only question is, does a CPAP machine really work to stop snoring, or is it all just a hoax? To find out, keep reading this blog.

What Causes Snoring?

When you’re asleep, your body enters a resting mode with all your muscles relaxing. Snoring, however, is triggered when your airway relaxes, partially falling in on itself. This tends to block the flow of air through your mouth and nose, leading to disruption. The blockage also tends to alert the surrounding tissues, which causes them to vibrate. The sound you hear when someone snores is of that vibration, indicating that the air is struggling to come out of a collapsed airway.

What Does a CPAP Machine Do?

A CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) machine is a special device that helps to treat sleep apnea patients with their snoring. It works by constantly looping through a stream of air through the machine and into the patient via a mask. Just like an oxygen mask, a CPAP machine also has a mask you can wear over the nose and mouth.

This allows the oxygen stream to flow directly inside the patient’s airway, keeping it from collapsing. Thus, once the airway is open and in shape, the snoring stops altogether, erasing the risk of sleep apnea and instead replacing it with quality, restful sleep.

Does a CPAP Stop Snoring?

Over time, the more you use a CPAP machine, the more effective it will be. Patients who suffer from obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) often rely on CPAP to make sure they have uninterrupted sleep. Moreover, since the machine works by supplying pressurized air, your breathing automatically regulates itself, barring all disruptions.

Results are often instant and very noticeable the moment you start using a CPAP machine, which means it does help to stop snoring. However, it is important to keep in mind that a CPAP machine is rarely prescribed to patients who do not have sleep apnea. It is a treatment method mostly used by OSA patients to keep their airways healthy and in proper shape.

Bottom Line

A CPAP machine is one of the most effective treatment methods for obstructive sleep apnea. Most people report that a CPAP helps to stop their snoring and instead improves their quality of sleep. So, if you, too, suffer from sleep apnea or are prone to snoring, visit a sleep therapist today and get the diagnosis required for an excellent treatment. For more queries and concerns, feel free to contact Nirvana Elite Sleep & Wellness at (832) 952-1199. You can also visit us at 17146 N Eldridge Pkwy Suite G, Tomball, TX 77377, United States, for an in-person check-up.



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