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Is It Possible To Have Sleep Apnea Without Snoring?

Jun 15, 2023395 Views

You’ve probably heard people talk about how important it is to sleep 8 hours every night. But if you’re someone who snores or has sleep apnea, you know the struggles of sleeping soundly. Oftentimes, sleep apnea is associated with snoring since it affects your airways. However, that isn’t the best way to categorize the condition, […]

The Remedy for Better Sleep: 7 Tips To Get More REM Sleep

May 15, 2023132 Views

Have you ever woken up feeling extremely tired and groggy? Does it feel like no matter how long you sleep, you never wake up well-rested? If so, it could be because you’re not getting the quality sleep you should. Oftentimes, the reason people wake up exhausted is due to the lack of REM sleep, something […]

Look Out For These 9 Warning Signs To Know Whether Or Not You Have Sleep Apnea!

Apr 15, 2023223 Views

Sleep apnea is a common phenomenon, but despite its widespread reach, not many people know they suffer from it. It’s a sleep disorder that can significantly affect your health and day-to-day life, especially since it disrupts the quality of one’s sleep. However, sleep apnea symptoms can be very subtle and hard to identify, which is […]

Sleep Genetics 101: Understanding the Relationship Between Genes and Insomnia

Mar 30, 2023169 Views

You’ve probably heard the term “insomnia” thrown around here and there. But there’s more to it than the inability to sleep at night. Insomnia is a serious sleep disorder that can negatively affect one’s brain chemistry. Some studies also point to the fact that insomnia is genetic — Well, at least in some cases. To […]

EEG Analysis in Sleep Research: Understanding Brain Activity During Sleep

Mar 15, 2023243 Views

Electroencephalography (EEG) is a non-invasive technique used to record electrical activity in the brain. It is widely used in sleep research to understand brain activity during sleep. EEG analysis in sleep research has helped researchers gain a deeper understanding of sleep stages, disorders, and the effects of sleep on overall health. Understanding Sleep Stages Sleep […]

Why Does My Temple Hurt? 5 Potential Causes

Feb 28, 20232575 Views

Do you have a headache in your temples? It can be agonizing to maneuver through the day when your temples cause blinding pain. After all, a headache might signify some underlying issue. While not all causes are serious, it is still best to visit a specialist for diagnosis and treatment. In this blog, we will […]

The Importance of Follow-Up Care in Sleep Apnea Treatment

Feb 15, 2023295 Views

Sleep apnea is a chronic disorder that causes shallow, erratic breaths – or complete pauses in breath – while sleeping. It often comes with snoring and disturbed sleep patterns as well. There may be multiple pauses throughout the night, lasting from a few seconds to a few minutes. Sleep apnea is a major health issue, […]

Lack Of Sleep & Headaches — What’s the Connection?

Jan 30, 2023304 Views

Did you know you can get a headache from a lack of sleep? Yes, sleep deprivation can lead to many unpleasant symptoms, like fatigue, irritability, lack of energy, and more. Even though multiple factors can result in a headache, it is also connected to a lack of sleep. Hence, sleep deprivation triggers headaches in many […]



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