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Do You Know the Best Sleep Position for Sleep Apnea?

Sep 30, 2022158 Views

When we feel comfortable and have a good sleeping position, we automatically have a good, restful night. After all, prioritizing good sleep is a form of self-love. Whether you prefer napping on your back or curling up on your side, what position you choose can actually impact your sleep quality and health. People who suffer […]

What Does It Mean If You’re Crying in Your Sleep?

Sep 15, 2022176 Views

You’re probably familiar with crying yourself to sleep, but have you heard of crying in sleep? Imagine listening to soothing wave sounds before sleeping, only to wake up with a tear-streaked face. Would be confusing, right? Well, there are many reasons it happens. We’ll discuss them in this blog! Why are You Crying in Sleep? […]

What Vitamin Do You Need to Help Restless Leg Syndrome? What to Avoid?

Aug 30, 2022297 Views

The urge to constantly shake your legs can be tiring and have lasting complications. Moreover, this urge might result in poor sleep quality and daytime dizziness. And with poor sleep, you face issues like trouble I’m concentrating. But what is this problem? Known as restless leg syndrome, this issue can affect your life and bring […]

I Have A Body Ache When I Wake Up — What Causes It?

Aug 15, 2022138 Views

Waking up in the morning to get out of our cozy, comfortable bed is hard enough, but even more so when our body aches. Starting the day with an aching body is not something we look forward to. Hence, we will give you the answers if you’re wondering, ‘Why does my body ache when I […]

5 Reasons Why You Are Getting a Headache After Working Out

Jul 30, 2022198 Views

Working out is good for your health; it gets your blood flowing and keeps you physically fit. But sometimes, this increased blood flow can become a reason for pulsating pain in your head. Yes, you can get a headache after working out. We will discuss why in this blog. Why Does My Head Hurt After […]

I Keep Waking Up At 4 A.M. Should I Be Worried?

Jul 15, 202292 Views

Nighttime is when most of us are looking forward to sleeping soundly. But, sometimes, you might find yourself waking up at 4 A.M. for no apparent reason. Some of us go back to sleep, whereas the rest keep twisting and turning in the bed. Waking up quite late at night is fairly common. However, disturbed […]

6 Reasons Why You Are Tired After Sleeping 8 Hours

Jun 30, 2022458 Views

Sleeping peacefully for hours on end seems like an unattained dream. But it can be a bummer that you wake up feeling tired even after hours of sleep. Waking up tired can be due to your activities or hint at an underlying health condition. This blog will discuss why you are still tired after 8 […]

How to Prevent Dry Mouth While Sleeping with These 7 Tips

Jun 15, 2022353 Views

Waking up with a dry mouth does not help motivate you for the day. It can be uncomfortable and ruin your mood. But what is a dry mouth a sign of? Your mouth dries up when there is a lack of saliva production. Usually, if you wake up with a dry mouth, it could be […]

Why Can’t I Fall Asleep Even though I Am Tired?

May 30, 2022420 Views

Have you had a long, exhausting day but can’t fall asleep? You twist and turn, but it seems like sandman has forgotten about putting you to sleep. Thus, you end up thinking you are tired but can’t sleep. But did you know being tired and being sleepy are slightly different? Being sleepy is when you […]

There is More to a Headache After Nap Than You Think

May 15, 2022519 Views

If you wake up with a headache after a nap, there is usually no severe underlying reason. Headaches can be really difficult to deal with, especially after you have just woken up. Therefore, it is better to be familiar with why you might have a headache after waking up. Teeth Grinding If you have the […]

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