5 Reasons Why You May Be Snoring All of a Sudden

Have you started snoring recently? It can happen seemingly out of the blue – one night, you start making the unexpected noise everyone dreads: snoring. Your first thought might be, why am I snoring all of a sudden?

There are various reasons that can lead to snoring, such as your sleeping position, obesity, health conditions, drinking alcohol before bed, sleep apnea, etc. Read this blog to find out the possible culprits behind snoring.

Why Did I Suddenly Start Snoring?

Snoring occurs when you have a narrow airway during sleep, resulting in the vibration of soft tissues in your mouth, upper airway, and throat. Your airway muscles are active when you are awake, which keeps them from closing. However, the airway muscles start to relax when you sleep. The effects of gravity can further close or partially obstruct your air passageway. Therefore, when air moves past the relaxed muscles, it causes violent vibrations, and you start to snore.

You could be more likely to snore if you have an enlarged uvula, poor bite, allergies, infections, and more. Your physical anatomy can also be a possible reason you started snoring suddenly. Other than this, obesity, sleeping with your face up, and other factors can also lead to snoring.

Reasons You May Be Snoring

Snoring is pretty common, and here are some factors that might be behind it:

  1. Age: Our muscle tone decreases when we age, which causes the airways to constrict. Therefore, snoring can occur with age!
  2. Anatomy: If you have a long soft palate, large tongue, enlarged adenoids, tonsils, or other specific anatomical features, it could be why you snore. This is because certain features do not allow the air to flow through your nose and mouth easily, increasing your chances of being a snorer.
  3. Weight: There is a high possibility for people who are overweight to suffer from sleep-related breathing disorders and snoring. Sleep apnea is also a condition that can lead to snoring since your weight puts pressure on the airways, and you experience breathing restrictions.
  4. Sleep Position: Did you recently change your sleeping position? If you have started sleeping on your back or sitting upright, it could explain why you started snoring all of a sudden. Lying on your back causes the soft tissues in your upper airway to fall back because of gravity. This causes obstructions in your airway, and you start to snore. Sleeping on your side might prevent this problem!
  5. Alcohol & Medications: When people change their habits, it could cause them to snore in their sleep. A primary factor that contributes to snoring is alcohol consumption; you might have started drinking alcohol frequently or in larger quantities. Moreover, certain medications can also cause snoring as a side effect. You can request your doctor to adjust your dosage!

What’s Next?

If you have started snoring all of a sudden, it is not without a cause. Alcohol, medications, sleeping position, weight, anatomy, sleep apnea, and age are some of the factors that can contribute to snoring.

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