Month: January 2023

Lack Of Sleep & Headaches — What’s the Connection?

Jan 30, 2023347 Views

Did you know you can get a headache from a lack of sleep? Yes, sleep deprivation can lead to many unpleasant symptoms, like fatigue, irritability, lack of energy, and more. Even though multiple factors can result in a headache, it is also connected to a lack of sleep. Hence, sleep deprivation triggers headaches in many […]

Let’s Talk About if You Can Die From Sleep Paralysis

Jan 15, 202388 Views

Imagine waking up — only to find that your body is completely frozen. You are unable to move, speak, or go back to sleep. In the moment of feeling like you have lost control, you might wonder: can you die from sleep paralysis? No matter how terrifying this experience is, it’s not as threatening as […]



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