Month: July 2022

5 Reasons Why You Are Getting a Headache After Working Out

Jul 30, 2022340 Views

Working out is good for your health; it gets your blood flowing and keeps you physically fit. But sometimes, this increased blood flow can become a reason for pulsating pain in your head. Yes, you can get a headache after working out. We will discuss why in this blog. Why Does My Head Hurt After […]

I Keep Waking Up At 4 A.M. Should I Be Worried?

Jul 15, 2022222 Views

Nighttime is when most of us are looking forward to sleeping soundly. But, sometimes, you might find yourself waking up at 4 A.M. for no apparent reason. Some of us go back to sleep, whereas the rest keep twisting and turning in the bed. Waking up quite late at night is fairly common. However, disturbed […]



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